Got an idea that is commercially viable? We want to be your cofounders.

Deshpee is always looking for creative business ideas. If you have one and can execute it, pitch it to us. We can help you make it a reality.

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Project Bion by Deshpee

Deshpee was started with just an idea. When our founder Vedarth had a dream of building Deshpee, we had nothing but just a basic idea of what he wanted to do. From that single idea, now we have Deshpee Group. Vedarth is always looking for people who think like him. If you are in your twenties, have a business idea that is commercially viable and have the guts to execute your idea, he will want to meet you. On the second Friday of every month, we invite one person to pitch their idea to us. If we find it worthy enough, we'll give you what you need to execute it here, at Deshpee.

We wish to be your cofounders.


What is Project Bion?

Bion is a partnership programme by Deshpee under which, we look out for joint venture opportunities with early stage startup founders. The word 'Bion' means life in the Greek language. And staying true to its name, project Bion aims to provide life-saving cash and in-kind support to select business ideas which align with Deshpee's goals. Under the Bion 2022 initiative, we plan to provide a total of 7 Lacs investment.


Why are we doing this?

Deshpee is a group of startup companies started from scratch in 2014 by 19-years old Vedarth Deshpande. Hence, creativity and risk-taking is in our DNA. By supporting a worthy business idea, we aim to give life to useful products and services and grow Deshpee in the process as well. We see this as a pure business partnership where we provide our experience, time and resources and our partners provide their idea, execution and dedication.


What We Bring to the Table with Bion 2022

By partnering with Deshpee, our partners get these benefits:

  1. Deshpee will provide support for the required expenses of the project
  2. Deshpee's 5 years of startup management and marketing experience will be available at their disposal
  3. Deshpee will look after all legal compliance
  4. Deshpee will provide a workplace and the skill of its Titans to Bion 2022
  5. Deshpee's network of contacts and business tools can be put to use

With the right team and guidance, one can achieve wonders.

What's Bion 2022?

This year, we're hosting a contest, inviting business ideas from interested individuals. From the initial ideas selected, a few will be shortlisted to be shown to our panelists and 2ideas will ultimately be accepted for support.

Under Bion 2022, Ideas will be accepted under the following categories:

  1. Products (Like electronics, food items, apparels, etc.)
  2. Services (Like a consultancy, in-home care, marketing, etc.)
  3. Software (Like an app, website, etc.)

It's not just about the viability of a business idea. It's also about the attitude and passion of the people behind it.

How Bion 2022 Works

The process of idea submission will be:

  1. Submitting an initial pitch of 75 words via the Bion website or the Titanate Android app
  2. Up to 25 ideas will be selected for a 15 mins discussion with Vedarth
  3. Up to final 10 ideas will be selected to be shown to our panelists
  4. 2 ideas will be selected for a support of 1 lac each
  5. 1 final idea will be selected on merit for an additional 5 lacs support for the next 6 months

The criteria for idea submissions will be:

  1. Only the ideas with commercial viability in the current market will be selected
  2. Only the ideas from individuals/entities having professional/business background will be selected
  3. Only the ideas which can have their market launch before December 2022 within the budget of Bion 2022 will be selected.

The decision of the Deshpee panelists will be final. We'll publicly announce the ideas selected in the various stages.

Legal structure of a Bion 2022 project will be:

  1. There will be a written agreement about the scope and execution of the projects between the teams of the two ideas and Deshpee
  2. The support of 1 lac from Deshpee will be in form of expenses paid for the project and in-kind products & services purchased for the project
  3. The two teams will have to showcase their 'proof of concept'
  4. One of idea will be discontinued i.e. will not receive further support from Deshpee
  5. One idea will be selected for further support with a legal entity being formed as per the agreed terms
  6. Deshpee will support the project till June 2023, by which it is expected to be self-reliant
  7. Deshpee will act as a both financial and management partner for the project

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

Important Points

 Deshpee agrees to maintain full confidentiality of the ideas submitted

 All the projects under Bion 2022 will be planned and executed in Pune using Deshpee's office

 Business ideas for the Indian market, preferably Pune will be given preference

 As this is an ambitious project, things can be updated as the picture gets clearer

 In an unfortunate scenario where no business ideas could be selected for support, Deshpee will inform about another contest to be run in the future.

Questions, mate?

Excellent question. Well, we do this because we want to leave no stone unturned. We know that we can't come up with all the ideas for growth ourselves. So we want to have you and your ideas with us so we both can grow together. There's no shortage of talent. All it takes is the courage and expertise to execute an Idea.

You'll be getting 3 things primarily. One, funding for initial expenses. Two, expertise of the entire Deshpee team. Three, mentoring from our panelists to successfully execute your idea.

We want ideas that will sell. Plain and simple. If your idea is commercially viable and if you have the guts to run it, we want you.

Opportunity is everywhere.

In a growing country like India, there is no shortage of business ideas. But what's rare is the ability, or perhaps the willingness to execute them. Bion is the bridge between ideas and reality.

Ready to pitch your idea?

Let's start with the basic details.

Pleas enter your good name.
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Creativity takes courage.

Consider us as your friend, or a mentor or a partnerr. Or perhaps, all of them. Because our goal is to help you get your idea off the ground and grow Deshpee too.