Got an idea that is commercially viable? We want to know.

Deshpee is always looking for creative business ideas. If you have one and can execute it, pitch it to us. If convinced, we'll help you.

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Project Bion by Deshpee

Deshpee was started with just an idea. When our founder Vedarth had a dream of building Deshpee, we had nothing but just a basic idea of what he wanted to do. From that single idea, now we have Deshpee Group. Vedarth is always looking for people who think like him. If you are in your twenties, have a business idea that is commercially viable and have the guts to execute your idea, he will want to meet you. On the second Friday of every month, we invite one person to pitch their idea to us. If we find it worthy enough, we'll give you what you need to execute it here, at Deshpee.

What we're really interested at Bion are business ideas that can be worked out. We aren't just looking for tech startups, but any business idea that can add value to people's lives. Doesn't matter from which industry, doesn't matter from which city, the only condition is- you should be really, really, really passionate about the same.

Even though that's not the central point of Bion, we're also happy to work with non-profit ideas that can help the society or the environment. Take Nelda for an example. It generates no money for Deshpee, but we still do it with the same passion. Because we too want to gibe back to the society.

If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum and want to guide young minds into developing their business ideas, Bion can be a good thing for you to be involved in. With Bion, you can help entrepreneurs in Pune build their idea and add value to the society. Your experience can be as important as the capital they'll receive.

Looking for excellent business ideas with high potential to invest in? Well, you're in good company; because, we're looking for the same. Team up with Bion to catch great ideas at their initial stage to help them grow and create monetary value for yourself at the same time.

How it works



They say the most important part of any job is the beginning. So your journey with Bion starts with your idea. If you have a strong passion for something, it's time to make it a business.



Once you contact us here, we'll give you a call to discuss your idea and ask you to submit your business idea to us. We'll need your presentation plus any supporting documents.


First Pitch

If we find your idea to be something we would be interested in, first you'll be meeting someone from the Deshpee team to pitch your idea. This meeting will be your entry here.


Pitch to Vedarth

If the Deshpee team member you meet recommends you, you'll be meeting Vedarth to pitch your idea. If he likes both your idea and your attitude, you'll soon be working with him, on your own idea.



As the name Bion suggests, it's the start of a new life. If your project is approved, we'll provide the funding and the expertise for your project, and will get you in Deshpee to run it. Good business.

Questions, mate?

Excellent question. Well, we do this because we want to leave no stone unturned. We know that we can't come up with all the ideas for growth ourselves. So we want to have you and your ideas with us so we both can grow together.

You'll be getting 3 things primarily. One, funding for initial expenses. Two, expertise of the entire Deshpee team. Three, a job to run your own idea.

We want ideas that will sell. Plain and simple. If your idea is commercially viable and if you have the guts to run it, we want you.

Opportunity is everywhere.

In a growing country like India, there is no shortage of business ideas. But what's rare is the ability, or perhaps the willingness to execute them. Bion is the bridge between ideas and reality.

Ready to pitch your idea?

Let's start with the basic details.

Creativity takes courage.

Consider us as your friend, or a mentor or an investor. Or perhaps, all of them. Because our goal is to help you get your idea off the ground and grow Deshpee too.